Selected Yaks From Our Current Catalog

Milos - Super Wooly Yak Heifer CalfIkia - Imperial Yak Heifer CalfPeppermint - Tibetan Black Yak Heifer CalfPorter - Yak Bull Two Year OldSable - Imperial Yak Heifer CalfKhan - Tibetan Imperial Yak Bull Calf

Due to overwhelming demand, as of 9/2014, our production of breeding stock and meat is sold out. We thank everyone for their enthusiasm for this great animal and our production. 

Our current production is extremely limited and available only to existing partners. 

We wish you the very best in your yak pursuits!


Grunniens Ranch

We sell yaks for breeding and seed stock, pasture pets, trekking and packing, fiber, and meat animals. We have a complete range of yaks to meet your needs

We work hard to create robust yaks that can fit into any market niche. We focus on health and fertility in our herd to assure consistent production of healthy yak calves. Our bloodlines are diverse and have produced many award winning show animals. Our breeding bulls have been carefully evaluated for our breeding program. Their strengths are matched to particular yak cows to enhance the offspring. We focus on continuous improvement in our genetics and do employ limited line breeding

We use CattleMax Online for our record keeping.

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