Yak Hides and Yak Hair and Yak Fur for Sale 


Yak hides or robes are a true luxury. We only offer hides processed when the yak has reached its peak of undercoat production. These are amazing bed covers, rugs, and throws. We typically have several in stock. Create your own yak fur masterpiece!

Yak hair is used in the greatest movie and theatrical productions, of all time. Cats, Santa Claus, the Wolfman, and Chewbacca all would be, well - hairless without yak fur. Preferred by wookies and clowns alike, nothing compares to real yak hair. Look for our new line of products that feature yak hair and yak fiber, the Yeti Line™ .

Complete hides start at $1250.00. Tails, hair, and raw fiber are available as well. Call for availability.

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