Yak Fiber, Down, or Wool Makes Great Yarn


The exceptional qualities of the yak's fiber make it a favorite of spinners & knitters world wide. The long guard hairs are the preferred fiber for theatrical wigs. The undercoat or down is made up of fibers from 14 -22 microns and around one inch long. The tiny ringlets you see are referred to as crimp giving the end garment loft, warmth, and softness. There is no lanolin in the fiber making it easy to clean and hypoallergenic. Unlike sheep's wool, the scales of yak fiber are in a waved mosaic pattern, resulting in a very smooth fiber that does not itch. To learn more about animal fibers and wool in general check out Yocom McColl.

If you are looking for fiber producing yaks, look into the outstanding yak wool producers in our Anne bloodlines. This line consistently generates both show winners and top fiber producers. 

This exceptional purse was made by our friend Shannon from 100% yak fiber. The wool was felted into ribbons and then wove into a cloth. The lighter colored fiber on the front was then needle felted into a traditional tibetan pattern. The button is yak horn carved in tibet. To learn more about all that you can craft with yak down and yak hair, contact Shannon at Butte Pasture Yak Ranch.


Photo courtesy www.NaturalFibers2009.org

Purse and Banner Hand Made by Shannon Holder at Butte Pasture Yak Ranch

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