Yak Products For Sale

The Tibetan Yak is one of the most versatile domesticated animals on the planet, period! (that's for you Bill) We try to use hyperbole only on rare occasions!  Yaks command a place of honor on a homestead, a small farm or ranch, or on a large production ranch. Yaks produce a healthy and great tasting meat. Their efficiency makes them great choice among production cattle and clear winner in grassfed and permaculture programs. As a fiber animal, yaks are outstanding. Yak fur, hair, and fiber - however one classifies and separates it, is a product of legend. Yarn made from the yak's undercoat competes with premier fibers from goats, rabbits, sheep, lamas, and alpacas. The guard hair, it gives yaks their incredible majestic appearance, is the stuff to make a wolf tremble. (well really, the yak in the yard is what kicks the wolf's .....) In any case, yak hair or fur is the stuff of Hollywood mythology, Chewbacca, Planet of the Apes, the Wolfman, all owe their existence to a yak. Even yak leather is known to be an excellent product. If you are looking for a pack animal, look no further. Can you find an animal that performs so well in extreme environments under such heavy loads? Trekking with yaks is the only way to go!

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