Tibetan Black Yak, Native Black, or Simply "Black"


This mature bull has a grey nose that earns the designation "Black". Make sense? Blacks range from a brown/dun color to dark black. In addition to the grey on their noses, they often have grey hairs along their back bone and grey flecks in their forehead locks. Wild yaks carry this color pattern and it is generally held that the other colors are the results of crosses to Bos Taurus or Bos Indicus genes. More links to photos of our Tibetan Black Yaks:

Black Tibetan Yak Cow - Pepper

Black Tibetan Yak Cow - Anne

Black Tibetan Yak Heifer Calf - Phoebe

Black Tibetan Yak Cow - Cleo

Wooly Black Tibetan Yak Bull Calf - Porter

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