Yaks of all colors.....

Tibetan Black Yak, Native Black, or Simply "Black"Imperial YakRoyal YakTrim Tibetan Yak

Yaks of the following color types and patterns are found in the United States. Other markings and color patterns, including white, grey, and line back are common in other countries. Although not settled science, more is being learned all the time through breeder cooperation within the International Yak association, from the literature available from other countries, and ongoing DNA analysis. Not to get too complicated, we have listed the phenotypes, what they look like, with a few notes and links to several examples from our herd. 

1. Tibetan Black: Black with a Gray nose.

2. Imperial: Black with a Black Nose.

3. Royal: Black and White (piebald).

4. Trim: Black with white trim usually on the forehead, feet and tip of tail. Can be Imperial, Black, or Golden.

5. Golden: A honey brown color (No Photo)

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