Anne - Black Yak Cow - G120


Anne hails from the Toronto Zoo via North Dakota. She consistently produces large, well conformed, calves. Her offspring produce the high quality fiber that spinners and felters demand. In addition to the outstanding quality of their fiber, her offspring produce large quantities of the wool as well. Her calves and progeny are show stoppers too. Though not all of them have been shown, when they are the results are clear!


Son - Midnight 

2006 NWSS Grand Champion owned by High Prairie Yaks.

2007 NWSS 1st Place Bulls/Steers - Pen Show 

Grand Daughter Pepper 

2007 1st Place- Yearling Heifer - NWSS Halter Show - O024 

2007 2nd Place - Yearling Heifer - NWSS Pen Show

2007 Reserve Grand Champion - Yearling Heifer - NWSS Halter Show

Great Grand Daughter - Maya 

2010 1st Place Heifer Calf NWSS Pen Show

2010 2nd Place Heifer Calf NWSS Halter Show

2012 2nd Place NWSS Outfitting Class

Great Grand Son -Sanje 

2010 1st Place Bull Calf NWSS Pen Show

Not shown in competition are even more outstanding offspring. Starfire, Porter, Jake, Sheila, and Phoebe

If you are looking for the finest fiber or wool producing yaks, start with Anne's bloodlines and you won't go wrong.

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