About Yak Meat from Grunniens and Hey Hey Yak Ranches

Our yaks are humanely raised on high altitude Colorado pastures. They never see a feed lot and are never fed or given antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, growth implants, animal by-products, or steroids. We do not feed genetically modified corn or any grain for that matter. 

Our yaks are processed in small USDA inspected facilities in Colorado Springs and Romeo Colorado. This is quite different from the giant factories that process most of the meat supply in the US. All of our meat is cryopacked for freshness. 

USDA Inspection BugUSDA Exotic Inspection Bug

Yaks are generally considered a "Non-Amenable Species" and therefore require "voluntary inspection". Inspection of amenable species (conventional cattle) by the FSIS/USDA is paid for by taxpayer dollars. Voluntary inspection is an additional cost paid for by the rancher - us. Non-amenable species will bear a triangle shaped "bug" rather that the more familiar round one seen on beef from conventional cattle in USDA inspected facilities. In addition to the increased cost of inspection, we do not feed corn to our yaks. The bovine rumen is not designed to process this high starch content food source and in the quantities fed in feedlots, may actually increase the risk of disease. Corn is a federally subsidized crop fed in large quantities to conventionally raised cattle. While this lowers the cost of grocery store beef, we think that subsidy hides the true costs of production. In addition to the buried costs most of the corn grown in the United States is genetically modified (GMO) and don't think animal or human food should contain genetically modified anything. 

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