Big Hairy Deal™ Premium Yak Jerky


Grunniens Ranch and Hey Hey Yak Ranch are excited to offer what may be the best jerky you will ever taste. We have partnered with Kleino's Rocky Mountain Jerky to create truly premium jerkies that will have you craving more. Greg crafts every batch from hand-cut, 100% USDA inspected, yak round. It is then marinated in Kleino's "secret sauce" for 36 hours and carefully smoked with a proprietary blend of hardwoods. There is no finer jerky craftsman around. Combine Greg's talent and commitment to excellence with the finest yak meat available and you have a seriously BIG HAIRY DEAL! We debuted this jerky at the 2011 National Western Stock Show and the feedback was tremendous. 

Yak Jerky is The Big Hairy Deal! 

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