Yaks at Estes Park Wool Market

Yaks are a hit with spinners, felters, knitters and the like!

Our neighbors and friends Bijou Basin Ranch asked us to bring yaks to the Wool Market to support their booth which focused on yak fiber and yarn. We had no idea of the tremendous interest that there would be in yak fiber. The event staff was outstanding and made our first trip to the market a breeze. We brought three yearlings to the show. Located outside the Wool Barn, the traffic was constant and intense. The whole family and our dear friend Shannon Holder were busy from open to close with hardly a minute to catch our breath. The three yaks, Skywalker, Izze, and Allison were great sports most of the time and delighted the kids as they were eager to eat treats and be petted. We ran out of print material by noon on Saturday and had to scramble to find a local printer for day two. Carolyn at Estes Print Works called us back at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, opened up and ran us a print job to get us through, huge thanks to her!  We met many new folks and some old friends and acquaintances from the National Western Stock Show. Many people came to tell us how yak fiber was their favorite exotic fiber to spin or knit. Packers and trekkers showed up as well with great questions and insights on using yaks to pack in the Colorado mountains. We should have taken a few more pictures but just didn't think of it. I did sneak into wool barn once and was excited to see that Wild Fibers Magazine had a great shot of a yak as their primary display. We have posted a few shots of the show on The Yak Ranch on Flickr  page and will try to get better shots next year as we will definitely return. We want to thank the entire crew at the Estes Park Wool Market for making us feel at home and especially Bo and Diane for everything they did for us and Carl Eileen Koop for inviting us. 

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