Yak Cheese

We aren't sure how to move forward with yak cheese but it is delicious! After making this batch with the help of our friend Shannon Holder, the whole family was sold on the how great yak cheese is. Getting enough milk to provide anymore than personal consumption is going to be a challenge. 

Keep an eye out for these folks as the project develops. Ragya Yak Cheese

Studies by others have shown that certain types of dairy-derived fatty acids, particularly conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), may help fight heart disease, cancer and even diabetes. However, little was know about the fatty acid composition of yak cheese.

In the new study, Brian W. McBride and colleagues compared the fatty acid composition of yak cheese from Nepal with that of cheddar cheese obtained from Canada. They found that levels of CLAs were four times higher in the yak cheese than the dairy cow cheese. Levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are healthy for the heart, were also significantly higher in the yak cheese, the researchers say.

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