The Real Gen Y - "Who is Sean Gall" - Generation Yak!


Today we met our first yak rancher. Not one of us "Yak Ranchers" but a yak RANCHER. This kid decided to start a ranch, researched the optimal livestock, found and purchased the land, and now makes his living completely from raising yaks. He has effectively marketed his product, creating more demand than he can fulfill, and is living his dream. I am not sure how old he is but I would guess 23. He is passionate about raising great yaks and providing amazing, healthy meat for those that care.

We are so excited and honored that he chose to add our foundation bull, Oggie to his herd. But we are extremely sad to see Oggie leave. He was the first bull my father purchased and has been a buddy to the family. The great thing is Oggie will be a able to contribute to the success of this great young Yakpreneur.

Best of success Sean - you are an inspiration.

oh yeah, that tat eFing rules!

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