New Yak Strip Steaks - You've Been Chopped!

We were called by the producers of the Food Network show Chopped. They were interested in using yak meat as the mystery ingredient for one of their upcoming episodes. We had to work with our partners at High Prairie Yaks to get the cut they wanted but we didn't have individual steaks, we had primals. The primals needed to be cut into steaks and shipped today! We knew of Dave's Custom Cutting but had not used him before. We were amazed at his awesome facility just outside of Kiowa, CO. He was amazing, a real craftsman. Dave and and his wife had us ready to ship in about 20 minutes and the results were fabulous! 

The folks at Food Network were great to work with. In the rush, I missed a digit in the ZIP and UPS delivered to the a different hub in the city. The producer tracked down the package and got the steaks on the show. 

The show is now in reruns. Check it out!

Yak Steaks on Chopped!

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