Dreaming of a White Yak for Christmas?


Dreaming of a White Yak for Christmas?  Shannon is a great friend and inspiration and, she has been developing a group of white/light yaks from hybrid stock. The results are looking pretty amazing! 

Besides developing a unique herd, she has taught us so much about yaks and raising them! She has also welcomed us into her amazing family. She leaves her mark on everyone she touches and even inspired her mom, Becky, to write this wondrous book. It is a great children's book but, as importantly, a great lesson in servant leadership. Spend some time on Shannon's website Yaks Matter and come visit her and her father Bob at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. 

Sanjaygawa | Yak WhispererYak-Whisperer-Shannon

Get the book on Amazon or pick a copy up anywhere you find our booth, like a farmers market, or at the National Western Stock Show. Time is running out but this award winning book will make a treasured Christmas gift. Click on the book to order it from Amazon. 



Becky and her grandson Jack with Sanjaygawa.


Shannon's dad, Bob and Sanjaygawa.

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