What is Wrong with the Folks at CattleMax?

What is wrong with these folks!  They are a SOFTWARE COMPANY!  They BLOG, they FACEBOOK,  they may even TWEET!  They know the  “pixelmightier”…..


They have to know that customers like us just suck revenue from the marrow of their children’s future. For the sake of a deity, to be named later,  by a duly authorized committee…… they Shirley know that we raise YAKS!  We are”Nutters”!

They still sent us a hand addressed card with a picture of real people…..  hell, I’ve even been successful in burning a bunch of these real peoples’ time.

People like the folks at CattleMax threaten the very basis of our anonymous, instantaneous, global, micro-margin driven, isolated community.

Don’t even begin to think that your card creates an obligation on our part to send you one!

Merry Christmas and the very best in the year ahead to “YOU PEOPLE”!

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