This Week in Yaks - "TWIY" or the Coming "Nippocalypse"

Yak Nipple Dress

from echouterre

So, (I have ranted in the past about the use of "so" to start a sentence) it has been one of the busiest weeks, at least on the interwebs, for yaks in recent history. It appears that yaks are involved in every aspect of the modern life these days. 

Yaks begin the week on the bleeding edge of high fashion through donating their nipples to aspiring designers like Rachel Freire. Although there may be some controversy surrounding whether or not the dress is actually made of yak nipples, yaks are stealing the headlines. This is definitely going to get things going with PETA, its friends and enemies, a "Nippleocalypse"!

….and so, after starting the week with nipples, the next thing on the agenda for yaks was solving global warming and easing the transition for millions to the vegan lifestyle. It seems the vegans may be moving from militarism to pragmatism. If just one person switches from bad beef (angus) to green beef (yak) the world is on its way! Even if yaks can't convince the the world to go vegan, they can prevent the desecration of the western United States by cattle. Why We should Eat Yak Instead of Beef

Finally, in the way that yaks have defined the world of software development by introducing geeks to yak shaving,  they are infiltrating the world of organized crime. These shaggy bovine are defining the very terms used in the conduct of drug trafficking. I think in capturing the gang slang for both cognac and crack cocaine, yaks gain a serious strategic advantage over both gnus and white horses. No matter how close you get to a yak, they are not "scud". My biggest fear in this context is that our Twitter Feed, Facebook Page, Paypal transactions and this very blog brings the targeting, can we still say "targeting", mechanisms of ATF, DEA, and Homeland Security squarely on our little yak ranch. We think you can read between the lines of our "YAK" jerky ingredient list. No wonder it is selling like...

I don't think that this level of yaktivity™ will continue or create a need for an official "This Week in Yaks" podcast, but who knows, with the smart startup CEO's riding yaks to work, Calacanis may want to add us to the TWI network. 

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