Thanks to our Customers and Yak Fans!

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Just updating some records and checking the numbers. We realized we have sold well over 100 (147 actually) yaks  in our short history. We decided to send out emails to check up on a bunch of them. Several of our customers have become much bigger yak ranchers or farmers than we ever will be. Many have have won ribbons at the National Western Stock Show and awards for their fiber arts mastery. Some have proven conventional wisdom wrong through their commitment and persistence with yak training. Some are just enjoying raising these amazing creatures. We have sold yaks coast to coast and in at least 16 states. Folks from as far away as China and Australia have visited our ranch and we have connected with yak enthusiasts on several continents through the magic of the interwebs.  Our products have been "Chopped" on TV, ended up in ape costumes, and have become the prized lures of a number of fly fishermen. We have been able to delight diners at fine restaurants and to serve up burgers to airline pilots and mechanics as well as hungry construction workers. We have drawn interest from folks at the big national natural food retail chains.  We have provided exquisite decoration for the most discerning home owners and interior designers. We can't say how much we appreciate all the folks who have trusted us with their purchase of yaks and yak products over the years. What is by far the most gratifying thing about raising yaks is the truly amazing friends we've met in our journey riding yaks.

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Thanks to all of our YAKTASTIC friends!

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