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We had the opportunity to spend most of the day driving through the amazing mountains of Colorado on a beautiful spring day. We were delivering four more steers, Lewis, Clark, Everest, and McKinley, to Rocky Mountain Yak and Pack. They had purchased a pair of steers and a heifer from us about a year ago and were ready to add more to their pack line. Eaton is an amazing source of info and inspiration for working with animals of all sorts. Many folks feel that yaks must be bottle raised to be trained for things like packing. Our experience was that that just wasn't true but Rocky Mountain Yak and Pack has taken it to another level. Eaton has even been working with the local 4-H club on halters that he designed specifically for working with yaks. 

With the yaks, we tell our hunters to take that shot in those sketchy spots. Yaks can safely get a trophy elk out of places that no horse can.

~Rocky Mountain Yak and Pak

Rocky Mountain Yak and Pack has a guide lease on some of the most amazing elk country in in the Yampa Valley near Steamboat Springs Colorado.  When you are ready for an amazing elk hunting trip, the first call should be Rocky Mountain Yak and Pack. 

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