NWSS 2009 - 2nd year in a row. 2nd prize in a Beauty Contest!

A great learning year.

We still think Skywalker was the Best in Show but "God loves a Terrier"!

Skywalker won a red ribbon in the Yak Bull Calf pen show. The competition at the show continues to increase. This year several of the OG yak herders showed up for the first time in years and showed us all what great yaks are all about. Joan and Bill from Washington and Larry from Montana brought some the most amazing animals anyone could imagine. The stock show in general was a great experience for us. We met so many new people and connected with old friends. This year it seems that our booth was continuously under siege from folks who were passionate about one aspect of the yakor another. Alpaca folks were extremely curious about the fiber. By the end of the show, Starfire was a bit tired of me leading her to the front of the pen to show off her fiber or her gentle nature. We met folks who had been spinning yak fiber for years and taught us a great deal about the wonderful qualities of the undercoat. We also met folks who were interested in the dairy from yaks and we had to a again defer to our great friend Shannon. She milks her yaks and creates the same kind of artistry with the dairy products that she does with the fiber. She makes everything from cheese to ice cream. The raw milk  folks were captivated. 

We were honored to be the ranch providing the meat samples for IYak this year and the feedback was tremendous. One of the long time yak breeders told folks that the meat was grain fed. Can you imagine my rage! He meant no harm and was really delivering a compliment, as my guess is that, in his experience, grain fed or finished meat tastes better than grass fed. My mom said things about grain fed meat that I can't repeat and didn't understand when I was 10.  

We want to send a heartfelt thank you to Scott & MIchele Steiner for their work to make the stock show a success and to promote yaks in general. 

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