Naked Apes, Movie Stars, and Mythological Characters

Recently it has come to my attention that I may be somewhat responsible for this alarming trend. Apparently Benicio Del Toro has haired over for short periods of time but may remain essentially naked most of the time. This seems to be the case for Peter Mayhew as well, although he more frequently hairs over than others. Actors in Cats, clowns every where, apes, and various versions of Santa Claus seem to suffer from a lack of a vital but scarce natural resource. I mean, really. Wouldn’t you dress up as Chewbacca every day if you could? Pick up your vente-decalf-soy-latte as the Wolfman? Drop off your macbook at the Genius Bar as Cornelius? Actors engaged in similar roles must choose not to get into costume daily due to a serious shortage of yak hair. It is the only excuse to go naked vs. going as Chewie. If you run into one of these naked apes, send them our way. We will ensure that they never go hairless again. Our yaks would be happy to provide the hair necessary to keep them fully covered! Let the Yak Shaving begin!

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