Johnson County Yak War

“Xenophobes”, “Racists”, “Haters” – get ready.  Yak ranchers are ready to come out of the shadows and march. We will not be forced to live in fear anymore.  We will not force our yaks to assimilate into your paternal, taurus-centric, culture.  Yaks “Grunt” they don’t, and won’t “Moo”.  No amount of “Mooing Immersion” will change that.  Veterinarians that refuse to treat yaks or fail to provide translators should prepare to be sued!

To you cattle, sheep, hog, and chicken farmers/ranchers – they are all immigrants, none of them are indigenous, not to mention the disease and destruction some have wrought upon ……… Viva la Yak!

“But for reals”,  all this hubbub about yaks is nothing new.  This issue is not about yaks, it is about people – neighbors and ranchers – and the laws of their state.  Comments on several of the articles related to these roaming yaks like,  “Now people try ridiculous schemes like this Yak ranching boondoggle to pretend they are engaged in agriculture on their 35 acre ranchettes” and “And no incentive for yak ranchers and ostrich idiots to make believe they are ranchers and encourage their herd to graze the neighbor’s pasture.” are dismissive tactics.  The yaks we have in America are domestic cattle. Like Bos indicus, they are different than the more common Bos taurus. Being closely related, they can interbreed but it doesn’t happen very easily. Yaks are perfectly viable livestock for small operations not because they are part of some kind of scheme but because they are outstanding multipurpose animals that require less forage per pound than their cousins,  and are extremely winter hardy. I could yak about the merits of yaks indefinitely but again, yaks aren’t the issue.

The issue is how neighbors and ranchers get along and apply the established laws concerning livestock.  The laws concerning grazing and fencing in western states are truly fascinating…. but remember “sheep is different”.

This is about people and their respect for each other not a war between “nuisance yaks’ and “indigenous cattle”.

I would recommend keepin’ all your critters on your property  “fence out” or not.

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