Herbivores the solution? What is one to do with vegans?

As I type this, a commercial for "artificial grass" is running on the radio... I know many of you, in spite of the popular "green" world view, think there is more to the meat debate than methane caused global warming. I can't help but think of Allan, with the best of intentions, working with governments to slaughter 40,000 elephants. I believe Allan understands what he did. I do not think the governments that enabled it have a clue. They cannot. Governments' "tribal memory" is designed to propagate the government. Governments eat freedom not herbivores. 

So after my rant…. what do will the green vegans do with all the damn pooping herbivores that are required to save the planet?

In all seriousness please take some time to watch this amazing talk, think about it, and tell me what you think.

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