Cooking the Perfect Yak Steaks!

I have to apologize for the language ahead of time, but this video rules! We heard about this technique for cooking steaks from a customer who wanted to know if our cryopacking was safe for “sous vide”. I was clueless. First I had to figure out what “Siouxsie and the Banshees” knew about cooking yak meat. After flailing around the web for a few minutes I found some videos and products based on this technique. It had nothing to do with Siouxsie because they don’t really suck. Once I knew what our customer was talking about, I called our processing facility to discuss the material used in our packaging. Turns out you could “Sous Vide” one of our New Yak Steaks in the package that it came in. They would not guarantee the the package wouldn’t delaminate but, because we were cooking at such low temperature, it “should work”. With Sous Vide, you generally include the seasonings, salt and pepper at least, in the vacuum packaged food.

After all this we thought we should try it ourselves. I got the temp too high and did a crappy job of controlling the heat. The steaks came out at least “well done”. I went ahead and got out the plumbers torch to evoke the “Maillard Reaction”.

It was the best “well done” steak of any kind I had ever eaten and better than most properly cooked steaks. The flavor was rich and it was not dried out at all.  This may well be the sport the future… like kick boxing.

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