Call for “Yaktion” to IOC – Save the Olympics

It is time to take action. We have discussed some Olympic Class Yak events on our blog and across the social-sphere. The potential is clear and could definitely improve the ratings for NBC. Add a yak to Ice Dancing and I think you would have something that Apolo Ohno could bring to prime time. Lets take a second to recap event list:

Yak Shaving – Tech geeks finally get a real gold medal event. Imagine the ad revenue from Gillette, Schic, and Bic. (man that’s fun to say!)

Yak Skiing – Redefines extreme sports.

Yak Racing – The pageantry will take the opening ceremony to new heights.

Yak Sack – Pure exhilaration.

Yak Assing– Controversy? I would like to see Evgeni spin around four times on that horn!  (Gotta apologize for this one because yaks are generally gentle creatures. Everyone has their breaking point. For this yak-its Johnny-with me-its spiders.)

Come to think of it, it’s clear that if the IOC doesn’t adopt at least some of these events, the yak movement will be forced to create its own winter games. I think you can guess the fate of the short sighted Olympic Commission. Bickering over how to score a lutz will become a luxury of the unemployed.

Please take immediate action. Contact the IOC and demand the addition of yak events to the winter games. If the IOC does not immediately add yak events to the winter games, the Winter Games will become just another entry on the Fail Blog.

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