What's Gnu in Yaks - a "YOG"

Kinda like a blog.... only about yaks and our ranch,  well mostly a kind of tumblelog of discoveries about yaks and anything that you may discover riding on a yak. Really we just post any thing we find or someone sends us. 

Yaks and Yak Meat - Sold Out!


Due to overwhelming demand, as of 9/2014, our production …

Yaktoberfest 2013 | Wingnuttz | Chad Lore | 10-19-2013


Hey Hey Yak Ranch and Grunniens Ranch invite you …

Wang Yiguang | The Most Amazing Yak Paintings !

Yak | Wang Yiguang | Vibrant ReflectionYak | Wang Yiguang | Songs f the Xue Dun FestivalYak | Wang Yiguang | Fluttering Mulberry Flower ScentYak | Wang Yiguang | Cloud RiverYak | Wang Yiguang | After the RainYak | Wang Yiguang | Lucky RailwayYak | Wang Yiguang | Towards the SunYak | Wang Yiguang | Snow LotusYak | Wang Yiguang | SpringtimeYak | Wang YiguangYak | Wang Yiguang | Here Comes the TrainYak | Wang YiguangYak | Wang Yiguang | Far Far AwayYak | Wang YiguangYak | Wang Yiguang | Towards Lasa #2Yak | Wang Yiguang | Whirling SnowYak | Wang Yiguang | Towards Lasa #1Yak | Wang YiguangYak | Wang Yiguang | Soaring FlowerYak | Wang Yiguang | Red Mani StoneYak | Wang YiguangYak Wang YiguangYak | Wang YiguangYak | Wang Yiguang

I found these by accident. A Google Images search …


oh-yeah-yak balls - yak burger
bring on the ballz- yak meatballs - yak burger

It all started a few weeks ago when we received …

Herbivores the solution? What is one to do with vegans?

As I type this, a commercial for "artificial grass" …

2013 National Western Stock Show

Yak Events at the 2013 National Western Stock ShowYak NWSS Set UpYaks in the Yards NWSS | Before the ShowYak NWSS What Up?Grooming Imperial Yak Calf KhanYak Ranch Stock ShowNWSS Yakket DeGreyYak Bull Calf Zed | Skywalker Calf!Del Yak Whitey NWSS 2013 | Nice Royal BullKhan | 2nd Place Fall Calf 2013 NWSSYak Fiber Arts Entry by Patty YaksYak Wool Shawl NWSS2013 National Western Stock Show | Fiber Arts EntriesRocky Mountain Yak and Pack | StearlingRocky Mtn. Yak & Pack | NWSS 2013 | Outfitting ClassGoliath | Outfitting Class | Springbrook2013 Peoples Choice | Leto | Do Owners Look Like Their Yaks?Peoples Choice Yak LetoRoyal Yak Leto Hey Hey Yak RanchYak Showmanship NWSS | Yampa Valley YaksYak Showmanship | Youth NWSS 2013 | Yampa Valley YaksJack and Leto the YakYakket Modeling | NWSS 2013Grunniens NWSS 2013 | The BoothYak Halter Show 2013 | Great LakesYak Halter Show | Springbrook

Dreaming of a White Yak for Christmas?


Dreaming of a White Yak for Christmas?  Shannon …

What Yaks Will Do for a Klondike Bar!

Yak-Attack-Luke -2

…. or just a red bucket full of "wookiee cookies" 

OK, so we are ripping off the Dog-Shame meme. Yak Shaving!


Dogs don't have the only Claim to Shame! 

Milos | Wooly Tibetan Yak Heifer Calf


Milos was named at the request of an inter-web friend …

Thank You to All Our New Friends from Old South Pearl Street!

Farmers Market Yak

Leto is a big hit with the kids and adults alike. …

Best Local Ingredient | Yak of Course! Black Pearl in Westword


To read about Chef Mitch'e thoughts on yak, read …

YAKTOBERFEST | Saturday, October 13th, 2012


The first annual YAKTOBERFEST featuring the soothing …

Pack Yak McKinley


McKinley has been away learning to carry stuff at

Biker Jim Debuts Yak Hot Dogs!

Gourmet Yak Hot Dog Biker Jim

We were honored to work with Biker Jim on some limited …

Old South Pearl Street Farmers Market


Hey Folks,

We are excited to announce that we will …

Say Hello To Richter!


Richter is the first Royal calf from Luke. He is …

Yak Burger with Bacon on Kimmelweck Rolls - Yaktastic!


Parental warning: This is an Adult Rated burger …

Thanks to our Customers and Yak Fans!

IMG 2023

Just updating some records and checking the numbers. …

Rocky Mountain Yak and Pack - Yakkin It Up


We had the opportunity to spend most of the day driving …

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