Tail of a Yak Ranch


We started out doing meticulous research on alternative livestock species, demographics, and future health trends..... Not really.  What actually happened was one day, Grandpa and I were driving through the country and he saw some sort of beast standing on the back of a trailer and tossing hay to his friends. Turns out they were YAKS?!. Grandpa wanted some. I had a source - a friend, who knew a guy, who called himself a Yakalero. Within a month or so the yaks were here. The journey began. 

Then we did do a whole bunch of research into sustainable grass farming (selling used sunshine) and the production of healthy, happy animals, and healthy food for our family. The conclusion - yaks are ideal for a small ranch and for our family. The slow journey continues. 

We are committed to the development of outstanding yaks for breeding and companions as well as the production of  healthy, delicious, meat on a sustainable grass-based ranch. We are working hard to improve our herd and the land they live on ‘cause we believe that nature designed our high prairie ecosystem to thrive with the help of herds of ruminants. Yaks aren’t the native bison but, close cousins, they are a heck of alot easier to handle and so we go cautiously into the wind.........

Our blog Yak Tails contains the continuing saga as well as some struggling attempts at irreverent humor.

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