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At Grunniens Yak Ranch (rhymes with onions) we focus on raising the best yaks for any purposes. Our outstanding genetics can be the basis of your starter herd or used to improve specific characteristics in your yak herd. Our herd is built on diverse genetics, proven winners, and careful selection. Health, fertility, conformation, and temperament is where our time is spent so you can focus on the characteristics that are important to you. The highest priority of our breeding program is the retention of characteristics that make yaks the great alternative livestock they are: feed efficiency, altitude adaptation, cold hardiness, disease resistance, predator defensiveness, and calving ease. Yaks are an incredibly productive animal, providing the livelihoods of Tibetans for centuries. The worst we could do is introduce the problems associated with modern bovine production - increased input costs, required human intervention, increasing vet bills, decreasing fertility rates…. find out why and how we are working with nature to create highly productive yaks that outperform the herd.

We offer robust breeding stock, amazing fiber animals, and great pasture pets. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible yak for your needs whether you are an experienced cattle breeder, a hobby farmer, a homesteader, an outfitter, or an established yak farm. Our commitment to excellence shows in everything we do from our top yak breeding stock, to our yak products and yak meat, to our after the sale support. Explore our website, there is even a kid's page. Learn about yaks and our ranch's story then come visit our ranch to find out why you should choose yaks from Grunniens Ranch. 

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Proud Lifetime Members of the International Yak Association.

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