The Girls of Winter 2011 - Yak Heaven!You really know how to treat a girl....Obi Wan or Curly Sue. We weren't sure how to name him......DelanyMiss August 2008New Royal CalfHungry?Nap TimeLeisureStarfire and CalfNew 2008 BabyGlobal WarmingThanks Shannon!Can I get in the truck?We gotta talk this over Yak to Yak!I can't do anything with this hair!"it was MY Black Sabbath record"Say Cheese!Don't Talk Back"listen son"Do you know where I can get some "Myrrh"?Tough time for a calfDon't Feed the Yaks!FallAre You Cold?Mr. July 2008OggieKate's babyI wanna go homeSnow PlowEveryone loves a baby.Spring Melt - 2007Got Hay?

At Grunniens Yak Ranch (rhymes with onions), our herd is built on diverse genetics, proven winners, and careful selection. Health, fertility, conformation, and temperament is where our time is spent. The highest priority of our breeding program is the retention of characteristics that make yaks the great alternative livestock they are: feed efficiency, altitude adaptation, cold hardiness, disease resistance, predator defensiveness, and calving ease. Yaks are an incredibly productive animal, providing the livelihoods of Tibetans for centuries. The worst we could do is introduce the problems associated with modern bovine production - increased input costs, required human intervention, increasing vet bills, decreasing fertility rates. We are working with nature to create highly productive yaks that outperform the herd.

Lifetime Members of the International Yak Association.

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